Atria (PT. Catur Sentosa Berhasil)

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Company Profile

Atria Inspiring Living is a brand from PT. Catur Sentosa Berhasil, a member of CSA Group (PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana TBK – one of Indonesia’s Big Public Listed company.

Established in 2009, we started with 4 furniture showrooms to deliver great service and best quality & design furniture to all customers. In 2010, we launched one boutique showroom to inspire our high customers.
Now, after 3 years, with our showrooms grow to 8 showrooms located in Jakarta Area and Bali sited on total space of 9,450sqm, we are aiming to be the market leader in furniture retail business in Indonesia.
PT. Catur Sentosa Berhasil is partnering with a local workshop, PT. Mitra Graha Selaras that provides furniture products with solid wood material and various choices of finishings process such as melaminto, PU,Ê and water based-paint. This partnership is aimed to cater the market demand of customized products and special orders.
PT. Mitra Graha Selaras was established in 1984 and have exported its products to Japan. By partnering with PT MGS, we look forward to providing a complete furniture product range for Indonesian market.

The history of the shareholders

PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana, Tbk. (

PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana, Tbk was initially a paint store, located at Jalan gajah Mada No.56, West  Jakarta, named “Toko Tjat Sentosa,”  it was back in 1966. A year later, “Toko Tjat Sentosa” moved to a bigger location, which now operates as the head office. This change opened a door to many opportunities and business developed from just paint to building-materials, the objectives were no longer just selling the goods, they also included marketing and distribution. With the fairly rapid development, challenges arose and the company was in need of new marketing strategies. PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana (CSAP), created in December 1983, was the answer to those challenges. “Toko Tjat Sentosa” became a distribution company dealing with paint and building materials with good management system. In 1997, CSAP, became the pioneer of supermarket retails by introducing Mitra10 in Indonesia. In 2007 CSAP became a public company by entering the Indonesia stock market. With never ending developments, CSAP is the leading building-materials distributor in Indonesia, keeping 4,000 workers employed, distributing more than 400 brands, and carrying more than 3,000 different products.